California - Let Us Be A United Front!!

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California - Let Us Be A United Front!!

Post by Lady Ardor on Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:11 am

California is a huge state. It is so large that we have broken it into two areas. But the Overseers of Naboo and Endor strive, and hope that we can work together!

SoCal is known for it's huge conventions - SDCC, WonderCon, Star Wars Celebration (when chosen), etc. And there are a slowly growing number of cons in Norcal. There are all sorts of events for charities occurring all year round up and down the Golden State. So many possibilities to work together!

We are still one state, and together, let us work side by side, united for the betterment of our state and The New Order!

If anyone has any ideas for cross-system events, get-together's, etc, please post it up and share!

Thank you all!

Sim Aloo - SoCal Overseer
Lady Ardor - NorCal Overseer
Lady Ardor
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Member, The Order of The Hand

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