Biography - Lady Ardor

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Biography - Lady Ardor

Post by Lady Ardor on Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:06 am

Real Name: Dawn Momsen
Sith Name: Lady Ardor


Home World: Unknown
Race: Human
Date: Unknown. Believed to have lived before the rise of Darth Bane

Not much is known about this Sith Lord. It is believed she comes from a planet far out in the Unknown Regions where Hyperspace explorers likely crash-landed and populated the planet with humans.

When she was young, nearly twelve standard years old, she was discovered by a mysterious Sith Lord named Darth Maligneous, and recognizing her potential in the Darkside of the Force, he took her and began training her. The Sith Lord was a Grand Master of Sith Alchemy, and aside from physical training, he taught her everything he knew about the dark arts of Sith Alchemy. She became so proficient and adept that in time she surpassed her old master. One night, she cast a spell unlike any other. It was so powerful and devastating that it consumed all the life outside her protective bubble for a kilometer or more in every direction, including that of her Master. The spell filtered and funneled all the life energies to her, giving her great strength and power.

She emerged from the shadows, known amongst the Sith as an enigma to be feared and revered. Many sought out her abilities. She was known for creating potions and spells that would make armor impervious to any attack to poisons that would steal the soul from its victim and imprison it in a desired object – majority of which are gemstones, that harnesses the soul's energy to be used in which ever means the barer desires.

Ardor does not wear a lightsaber but she does wield one. It does not bare the characteristic crimson blade but a purple violet one, setting her apart ever more so than other Sith, which she doesn't mind at all. Anonymity suits her purposes far better. She disdains all forms of vanity and display of riches. They collect envy and desire, drawing trouble and undesired attention. Even her robes are modest and conservative, but with enough trappings of the Sith to as not be confused as something else. But she hides her body, leaving her eyes and hands visible. A mask looking like that of a stylized skull decorated with horns and ritual Sith patterns and colors, covers her face, leaving her appearance as mysterious as she herself. The horns were from the skull of a once would-be suitor of the Zabrak species.

She does have a temper but controls it well, unless you push the right buttons in just the right way. Otherwise Ardor is quiet and prefers to be alone. But when need be, she will accompany or be in the company of other Sith.

What became of Lady Ardor is not known and all that proves her existence is the Sith Holocron she created to pass down her knowledge and teachings.

Lady Ardor OSL-009
Lady Ardor
Member, The Order of The Hand
Member, The Order of The Hand

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